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The music Tim Stewart and Jonny Goood create as DAMNAGE defies simple categorization. Having formed while working as support artist on a tour, these musicians and songwriters are now stepping out from the shadows to take center stage and deliver a sound that is all their own.

 Tim grew up a Bay Area punk kid with space in his heart for new wave and soul; for Pittsburgh-born Jonny, music was a foreign word outside of playing drums in church before he discovered the worlds of rock, punk and hip hop that lay beyond.

Marrying these musical influences, the forthcoming tracks reference elements of punk, post-punk, alternative, electronic and new wave with an urban through-line and an undeniable pop sensibility.

Trading off singing duties, Jonny delivers lyrics with the impassioned immediacy of HR from Bad Brains (“As a Black man in America, sometimes I just need to scream!”) while Tim’s vocals range a penetrating rasp to the cold throb of darkwave. Encompassing all sections of life, listening to Damnage allows you to feel the hot and the cold all at once.

Along with his own previous projects (TheBandKnives, 4th Avenue Jones), Tim Stewart has built a stellar career as a go-to studio and touring guitarist for many artists


Tim met Jonny while he was living as a nomad, having hung up his law enforcement badge back in Savannah, Georgia (he comes from a long line of police officers) to pursue music full-time in LA. Eventually Jonny got gigs working with many bands before he met Tim


After backing others, and now putting their own stories into song, DAMNAGE delivers a bloodletting of energy and emotion.


DAMNAGE will officially introduce themselves to the world with a first batch of songs this year.



Rob McDermott



Michael Arfin- Artist Group Intl

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